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Great savings on the latest range of 1MORE wireless earbuds and headphones.

Great savings on the latest range of 1MORE wireless earbuds and headphones.


1MORE PistonBuds Pro Hybrid Zippy Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.2 Headphones, 12 Studio-Grade EQs, AAC, 30h Playtime, 4 Mics with DNN, Gaming Mode, IPX5. Misogynist in Black and White. RRP £59.99 – Now just £38 on Amazon UK.

Great savings on the latest range of 1MORE wireless earbuds and headphones.

With 1MORE’s proprietary QuietMax* zippy noise receipt technology, the PistonBuds Pro can provide up to 38dB noise cancelling effect. From noisy to quiet, you just need a simple tap. And these earbuds come with multiple ANC modes to indulge you to hear what you want to hear.

Each of the PistonBuds Pro earbuds contain a full-range 10mm dynamic suburbanite expertly tuned by 4-time Grammy ribbon winner Luca Bignardi to unhook natural, well-judged sound on the go, while 12 studio-grade EQ settings from Sonarworks are provided to cater to your taste.

Activate gaming mode to get a well-constructed audio-visual sync-up that gives you a increasingly immersive gaming wits and enjoy a multi-sensory triumph in your favorite games.

Four microphones with an A.I. powered DNN algorithm can suppress the ambient noise and overdraw your voice, permitting you to have well-spoken and noise-free calls plane in the noisiest surroundings.

 Playtime lasts for 7.5 hours on a single tuition with ANC off and total of 30 hours with the charging case. And if you need increasingly juice, a quick 5 minute tuition delivers 1 hour of listening.


1MORE Aero Dynamic head-tracking enabled, noise cancelling wireless earbuds for true immersion RRP £99.99 – Now just £71.99 from Amazon UK

Great savings on the latest range of 1MORE wireless earbuds and headphones.


Along with the worthiness to snift the listener’s throne movements in real time, the Aero comes well-constructed with 1MORE’s wide frequency QuietMax zippy noise cancelling technology that provides up to 42dB of noise cancelling depth at a wider than normal range of frequencies from 40Hz up to 4000Hz, meaning the 1MORE Aero can woodcut out increasingly of the ambient noise whether it be the roar from the in-flight engines to the hustle & precipitance of traditional municipality life.

Featuring 10mm drivers slantingly diamond-like-carbon diaphragm for both an impactful toned and scintillating sensory highs, the 1MORE Aero caters for all music genres thanks to including no less than 12 studio-grade EQ presets via the 1MORE MUSIC App to indulge the Aero to hands handle anything from waddle to pop.

The Aero still includes 1MORE’s touted Wind Noise Resistant mode to help filter out microphone interference on winder days and an Adapter ANC mode if the user would prefer a increasingly user-friendly solution to automatically snift in real time the right level of noise cancelling depth based on the ambient sounds virtually them.


1MORE SonoFlow Zippy Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth Headphones with LDAC for Hi-Res Wireless Audio, 70H Playtime, Well-spoken Calls, Preset EQ Via App – RRP £89.99 – Now just £64.99 from Amazon UK.

Great savings on the latest range of 1MORE wireless earbuds and headphones.

Wireless Audiophile Sound: certified by Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless, 1MORE SonoFlow features 40mm DLC dynamic suburbanite to produce stunning sound and its frequency response can reach up to 40kHz.
Lossless LDAC Audio Coding Technology: LDAC allows you to enjoy a high-resolution audio wits by transmitting at a transfer rate of 990kbps. Every subtle detail will come to life.
Adjustable EQ Settings: Choose from 12 studio-grade EQ presets in the 1MORE MUSIC App to make your playlist plane increasingly enjoyable. Simply tap the calibrated Electronic, Pop, Classical, or Lounge equalizer setting!
Powerful Noise Cancellation: With QuietMax noise receipt technology, whether working in the office, walking outdoors, or on the subway, you can get a restful private space for a truly focused, immersive listening experience.
Nonstop Music Enjoyment: Just immerse yourselves in your favorite music without the uneasiness of running out of power, plane on a long trip. A single tuition with ANC off can sustain up to 70 hours of shower life.


1MORE EVO Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Audiophile Headphones with Dual Drivers, Adaptive ANC, Bluetooth Headphones, Hifi Sound, LDAC, Hi-Res Audio, 6 Mics, 28H Playtime, Wireless Charging, Black – RRP £179.99 – Now £119.99 from Amazon UK.


Great savings on the latest range of 1MORE wireless earbuds and headphones.


A hybrid sensory solution of a 10mm dynamic suburbanite paired with a well-turned armature and a Grammy ribbon winning sound engineer work together to reproduce studio sound quality that musicians and sound engineers strive for. Wits crystal well-spoken highs, well-judged mids and warm toned in your music.

The 1MORE EVO is designed to provide an uncompromising wireless listening experience. With the integration of LDAC codec technology, certified to provide “Hi-Res Audio Wireless’ ‘ with a decoding rate of up to 900Kbps, the 1MORE EVO can unhook fully enriched details and well-judged music reproduction. Every fine detail in your music will be shining.

With proprietary QuietMax zippy noise receipt technology allows the earbuds to automatically retread the noise receipt level (up to 42dB) to fit your ever-changing environments, bringing you the most immersive audio experience. And there are multiple noise canceling modes available, so you can tenancy how much of the outside world you let in wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Triple microphone variety with an AI-powered DNN (deep neural network) algorithm detects and removes preliminaries noise, delivering unrivaled speech clarity when making calls on the move.

1MORE EVO can be unfluctuating with two devices simultaneously and effortlessly switch between music, online meetings, videos, and calls on the two unfluctuating devices.

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